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Kimberly Walker, founder of Grooming Salon & Boutique, started her career in the pet industry in the year 2000, long before the business "boomed" into the billion dollar industry it is today.  Along with her former business partner, she created one of the first dog boutiques in existence, by spending hours searching for the best of the limited products that were available at the time.  Her boutique customers were truly shocked at the thought of their dogs wearing rhinestone collars, sleeping in faux fur beds, and heaven forbid wearing clothes!  As the trend grew, Kimberly appeared on several national television shows including Dateline NBC and Fox News Live giving interviews on the latest in doggie fashion.  In 2001, Kimberly founded mu*shu Fine Canine Accessories, a line of upscale accessories that has outfitted numerous celebrity dogs.  mu*shu is best known for creating the "I Hate Tinkerbell" shirt that was the best selling dog tee shirt for two years in a row.

In 2006, Kimberly set out on her own and opened Salon & Boutique in Boca Raton, Florida.  It was her dream to own a salon that offered spa services just as upscale as the ones that the dog's parents pamper themselves at.  Having hired a very talented groomer, Kimberly didn't have plans to take part in grooming the dogs, but being the hands own owner that she is, it wasn't long before she was bathing and grooming dogs and educating herself on the latest trends, techniques and tools so that would be able to offer the best to her customers.   In March, 2010, Kimberly relocated to east Boca Raton.   The new location has a larger grooming area with more natural light and the positive energy of the ocean just steps away!

From the beginning of her career, Kimberly has been very involved in rescue and she donates her services to Coastal Poodle Rescue and Animal Aid by providing makeovers for the new rescues.  She is also a member of,  a 501c3 rescue that is run strictly on donations that takes in abandoned and abused dogs and finds homes for them. 

"In grooming, I have found something that I love in an industry that I have always been passionate about.  When you bring your dog to, you have my promise that they will be treated with the same love and respect they would receive at home. is here for all the right reasons - to enjoy the time we spend with your pet while making them feel comfortable throughout the grooming process and having them leave feeling re-freshed and beautiful!" 
Kimberly Walker

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