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How old should my puppy be before he gets his first groom?

Breeds with longer coats should begin the grooming process as soon as the second set of puppy shots have been completed.  These breeds include but are not limited to: Poodles, Yorkies, Maltese, Shih Tzus, Havanese, and Cocker Spaniels.  It is a good idea to familiarize your puppy with grooming, even if it is for a simple bath to start out with.  This will help him learn that grooming is a pleasant experience at an early age.  It also helps for the owner to touch and play with the puppy's feet so that they are not scared when they get their nails trimmed.


My Dog is shaking-does that mean he is scared or doesn't like the groomer?

Not necessarily, he may just be excited from the car ride or not sure if he is going to the vet to get a shot!  Much like kids in pre-school, once you are gone they settle in and get more comfortable.  Dogs are very intuitive, as we all know, and will pick up any anxiety that you may be feeling, so it is important to be calm and reassuring.  I always like to allow the dog to roam around a bit at check in to smell around familiarizing themselves with their environment.


How long will my dog have to stay at for grooming?

The grooming process takes a few hours to fully prep, wash, dry and groom your dog.  Upon check-in, we will give you an approximate time your dog will be ready for pick up.  For faster service, it is always wise to book in advance, the first available appointment of the day.   We do offer VIP service for those parents who do not like to leave their dogs for any longer than the actual grooming takes. With this service we begin working on your dog immediately upon arrival and straight through until the end with no interruptions.  Please note that Saturday is our busiest day and not a good day to book an appointment if you are under time constraints.


Can you groom my very large dog?

Yes, we are equipped with state of the art equipment that can easily accommodate the largest dog!  Just ask Chester, our favorite Saint Bernard client!


Why do you charge an additional fee for behavioral issues or difficult dogs?

At, only gentle grooming practices are used.  This means that if a dog is being difficult or trying to bite while being groomed, that a second person is called in to talk to him and offer reassurance. If it is necessary for the extra employee to be present for the length of the groom, then there will be extra fees involved.  We are always very honest with our clients regarding their dog's behavior, reason being, if you take your dog to another grooming facility, you need to advise them at check-in what he does not like (i.e., does not like having nails trimmed, face trimmed, etc. ) and then ask them how they will handle it at their facility.  We have heard very sad stories about how difficult dogs are treated at some grooming shops and want to make sure that does not happen to any of our clients!


My dog is matted but I want to keep his hair long.  Is this possible?

If your dog is matted, we will discuss with you the degree and if we think we will be able to remove the matting without discomfort. Dematting without pain takes skill and patience, so it is important that you make us aware of any matting when making the appointment so your dog's service can be scheduled with our Dematting Specialist.   Needless to say, extra time means extra charges.  Dematting fees are $15 per 30 minutes of dematting in addition to the price of the groom. Dematting will not be performed on a dog that has severe matting to the skin or on a dog that is elderly or has medical conditions.  Remember, we are STYLISTS, and even if your dog has to be cut shorter, it is our job to still make him or her look adorable!


I want my dog to have a puppy cut - can you do that?

In the world of grooming, a "puppy cut" can means several different things.  Basically, it means that you want your dog to look like it did when it was a puppy, which is different depending on the breed.  We can achieve that look for you and will determine what you would like at check in.


Hours of Operation  -  Tuesday - Friday 8:00 - 4:00  · Saturday 8:00 - 2:00  ·  Closed Sunday & Monday 561.338.8883

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