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Current Events
salon & boutique

Stella Monroe was adopted when her family found her on the link on our site!

Here is Stella with her new sibling! 
Mamma Weenie's Sweet 16
Birthday Party!!

On June 30, 2005, hosted Mamma Weenie's 16th birthday party.  Mamma was a rescue who was not supposed to live past puppy-hood and because of the love of her adoptive mom Stacy she was able to celebrate her 16th year!!    She is shown in the photo surrounded by all her presents!!
Sadly, Mamma passed away this past year.
We can continue to support her by donating to her  rescue site
more photos from the party:

We are now enjoying our third location of - here are photos of the first two:

The original boutique in the
Aventura Mall

Our second boutique location in West Boca - and our first grooming salon!

Kim with mu*shu, the Shih Tzu and name sake of the mu*shu line dog accessory line founded in 1999

Remember - DON'T SHOP - ADOPT!!!
You may feel you are saving a puppy when you purchase it at a pet store - but what you are forgetting is the parents of the puppy that are living in wire crates their entire lives - never playing with toys or walking on grass or sleeping in a warm comfy bed!

Our latest rescue makeover - a mom and son duo - Bailey and Chestnut.  They are Lhasa Apsos and very sweet!  This is the before photo of them.

Here is the after photo of the cuties playing.  They are bonded since they have been together since Chestnut was born.  If you are interested in adopting them contact Animal Aid -

In the month of May 2011 - salon closed for one day for our yearly training session.  This year, we were fortunate to be able to bring in
Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich as our instructor.  Pina has been in the grooming industry for over 20 years. She has multiple BIS and Best All Around wins, IJA Winners Circle Champion and Best American Groomer 2008 at Intergroom. She has been a member of the traveling Groomteam USA team. She competed in the World Team Championship in Dachau, Germany in 2009 and helped bring back the Gold for the U.S.   In 2010 Pina was numerically ranked the #1 Groomer in the nation and is currently the all time record holder.  
By the end of our training day, the groomers at were so inspired and ready to try out our newly learned techniques.  We would like to thank Pina and also LuLu, Pina's assistant and show groomer,  who was kind enough to provide our bathers with a mini seminar on the importance of prepping!
●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● supports rescue!
Each week we donate our grooming services and provide "makeovers" for doggies that are taken into rescue.  We currently are working with Animal Aid, Inc. and Coastal Poodle Rescue.

Each Tuesday, Sarah, a volunteer with Animal Aid, Inc., brings us a new rescue baby that needs a makeover.  Kylie - a Lhasa Mix that was rescued from the Miami Dade Animal Control before she was euthanized.  As you can see she was in terrible shape when we got her.  We had to use the closest blade to a surgical length in order to get the layers of mats off of her.

Here is Kylie with her new Doo!  We wish her the best of luck finding a new LOVING family! 

Some of our personal and customer rescue dogs:

Charles was rescued by a volunteer at Get A Life Pet Rescue, from a garage sale.  His sign said "Free, I Pee" - Kim took him in to groom and fell in love with him.  He now plays with his favorite buddy OBI also from Get a Life and his other brother SHAQ (see below) who we took in from a customer who could not keep him because he peed on the bed.  They join mu*shu, Tanner and Fable our other kids.   Remember, the rescued babies always know they are special and will act as such!  They are a true blessing!

Sir Shaq the Shih Tzu
doing one of the funny little things he does on a daily basis.  Kim adopted him from a customer who could not keep him.  He was a welcomed addition to the family and gets along very well with his brothers and sisters.  Unless he wants something they have and then he makes the "mean face" which means "you better give that to me!"


Ricky the Maltese
Ricky visits each week for his grooming and freshen ups.  He was very fortunate to be taken out of a very bad situation and is now in a loving home.  When he comes in the salon - he immediately runs to Ms. Kim's table and stays there the entire time.  He rests his head on the bottom of the table and watches her groom.  He is a very sweet boy and we are excited to see him each week!