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●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● Grooming Salon & Boutique - Boca's Premiere Grooming Salon
 has been serving the spoiled dogs of Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Highland Beach and the South Florida area since 2006. 

At Salon you can be assured that your baby will be treated like one of our own by our dog loving staff. 

We offer a luxury boutique featuring the latest in accessories for your pampered pooch!  We offer Puppia harnesses, harnesses by Bessie and Barnie, Up Country Harnesses and Collars, airline approved dog carriers by Kwigy-bo and other luxury dog accessory retailers. 


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Services offered at our Salon

 Upon arrival at you and your dog will be greeted by a stylist who will consult with you to determine the style that is best suited for your dog.     Please feel free to ask us for suggestions, as we are always educating ourselves on the latest styles and have a feel for what will look good on different sizes and breeds.

At, we believe that every pet deserves to be pampered.  This is why we choose to offer a wide variety of services to spoil your baby!  We add little extras to make even a "basic" bath special at no extra charge to you.

 At our salon, No Cage Dryers are Ever Used, clean warm towels are used to dry your dog after every bath and the salon owner is present while each service is performed.

One thing that makes Grooming Salon different than most grooming establishments is that we go out of our way to ensure that each of our clients is relaxed and having a pleasurable experience while visiting us. 

 Francisco the poodle, likes to hold a yellow monster toy the entire time he is groomed - so we keep it in a safe place for him and he holds it during each visit!

 Cosmo, the Bichon, enjoys his grooming experience so much that he closes his eyes and naps throughout the process! 

Our Services's Spa Bath

Our spa bath includes the following:
∙Ear cleaning (hair removal if necessary)

∙Anal Gland expression
Nail filing with dremel so nails are nice & smooth
∙Spa bath
∙Blow out and style
∙Designer Bow and/or bandannas's Supreme Bath
Our Supreme Bath includes the following:

∙Ear cleaning (hair removal if necessary)

∙Anal Gland expression
Nail filing with dremel so nails are nice & smooth

∙Spa bath
∙Blow out and style
∙Trim Face, Feet & Sanitary Area
∙Designer Bow and/or bandannas's Full Groom

Our full groom includes the following:
∙Ear cleaning (hair removal if necessary)

∙Anal Gland expression (cocker spaniel size & smaller)
∙Nail filing with dremel so nails are nice & smooth
∙Spa bath
∙Designer cut with blow out and style
∙Designer bows and/or bandanna

Ala Cart Services

Relaxing Doggie Massage by Cassandra
Use of proper dog massage techniques can comfort & relax, help aid digestion and improve circulation.  We are now offering massages using non-greasy Vegan Massage Lotions by Aroma Paws.  Choose from Hypoallergenic Vegan Massage Lotion, Calming Lavender Vegan Massage Lotion or Stimulating Peppermint & Orange Vegan Massage Lotion.  After massage, we will wrap your dog in a warm towel for further relaxation and absorption of ingredients.
15 minute massage ....... $12.00
30 minute massage .........$22.00


Sammy with his new
Feather  Extensions!

Feather Extensions
for yourDog
Now Available at!
The hottest trend is now available for your pooch!'s feather extensions are real high quality feathers available in an array of colors that are easily and safely crimped into your dogs fur with a tiny bead.  The feathers are so light that the are worn without your dog even knowing they are there!  They are washable so no need to remove for baths.
Apply one feather for a subtle effect or more for a splash of color!  The way that it is applied is painless and your pup will not feel it while wearing.  The feathers stay in your dogs hair until you are ready to have them re-applied.
up to 3 feather bunch $10.

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ is pleased to now offer as a 
service to our customers

PlaqClnz Oral Cleansing System
A gentle alternative to sedation for professional teeth cleaning.

What is PlaqClnz?
PlaqClnz is a zinc-based, easy-to-use pet oral health care gel that protects pets’ mouth, teeth, and gums from halitosis (bad breath), tartar, plaque, and gingivitis. Just a few drops inside the pets’ mouth is simple to apply, with no brushing required. Used regularly, it keeps pet breath fresh and defends against the beginning stages of periodontal disease which can lead to even more serious, expensive pet oral health problems.
• All natural ingredients including zinc and taurine (an amino acid)
• Non-anesthesia alternative to pet dental cleaning procedure
• Taste-free formula
How the PlaqClnz Oral Cleansing Treatment works:

We will pre-treat your pet’s mouth with PlaqClnz Spray at check-in.

After 30 minutes, we will flush the mouth with an irrigator to remove plaque and debris.

Then we post-treat with PlaqClnz Gel Drops and encourage you to continue treating with drops at home.

One PlaqClnz Oral Cleansing Treatment should remove mild tartar build-up. A few treatments may be necessary for heavier tartar build-up.  To maintain a fresh, clean mouth, continuing daily use of PlaqClnz Gel is recommended. This simple gel requires no brushing! It is sold in the retail section of our store.

It is best to schedule the PlaqClnz treatment with a bath or groom since a water-pick is used. The treatment is put on the pet's teeth and rinsed off, which can get more than the mouth wet. This is why having a bath scheduled at the same time is preferable.
The PlaqClnz Oral Cleansing Service is offered at for $20 per treatment

PlaqClnz Gel
The 2 oz. Gel for you to use at home can be purchased at our boutique for $21.99
Fresh breath in just 30 seconds! The easy, brush - free solution to keep a pet's breath fresh and healthy. PlaqClnz  gel goes to the bacterial source and eliminates the plaque and tarter that cause bad breath.


Color Enhancing Nourishing Spa Treatment Package 


Colors Shampoo for White Coats - Gently removes dulling build-up and residues that can make white look dark and dull • Brings out a bright white shine for maximum impact • Refreshes and perfects white to create a beautiful radiant glow • Intensifies glistening white and amplifies mega-watt shine…without adding or depositing color • No bleach, peroxide, ammonia, or alcohol.

Colors Shampoo for Black Coats - New formula with intensifying extracts preserves and magnifies vibrant black color • Light Enhancers™ with illuminating minerals and nourishing proteins attract more light to the hair, maximizing color and rekindling intense shine • Illuminating minerals include tourmaline and citrine; nourishing proteins include soy and vegetable proteins.


All Lavish Spa Treatments continue with:
Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, Fresh Facial Scrub & Lavish Cologne






Lavish Spa Treatment Package









Comfort Bath Shampoo: pampering, soothing irritated skin. This rich combination of nourishing body bath and rich vitamins is designed to leave your pet’s skin and coat feeling cleansed and smooth. The aromatherapy effects of lavender and the soothing effects of hydrolyzed oatmeal combine to relieve stress and impart comfort to your loved one.  

Fresh Bath Shampoo : refreshing, gentle body cleanser. Refreshing vanilla, invigorating white tea and stimulating milk thistle have been chosen for their purifying and circulation boosting properties, helping to combat the effect of toxins. Dead skin cells are sloughed away and your pets coat will immediately be naturally radiant, nourished and healthier. Your pets Spa bath will be deep cleansing, refreshing and naturally aromatic.

Renew Bath Shampoo: Nourishing, restoring damaged hair. An extremely gentle cocoa derived cleanser with just the right amounts of botanical emollients, ginger root and pink grapefruit to leave the hair shiny, unbelievably manageable and brilliantly clean. Clarifies and removes excess toxins. Renew Spa shampoo contains deep moisture to nourish and restore your pet’s skin and coat.

Ala Cart Services

∙Express Service - must be booked as morning appt.  $10.

∙Teeth Brushing $10.
∙Plaq Clenz Treatment $20.

∙Medicated Oatmeal Shampoo $5.
∙Natural or Medicated Flea/Tick Baths $5.

∙ Low Shed Treatment - Great for double coated dogs! (cost varies)
∙Full body aromatherapy massage $12 per 15 minutes/$22 per 30 minutes
∙Deep Conditioning Treatment $10
Coloring:  Call for pricing


Hours of Operation  -   Tuesday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00  · Saturday 9:00 - 5:00  ·  Closed Sunday & Monday   561.338.8883

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